Good quality, cool sounds and style at an unbeatable price

Joe Charupakorn at Premier Guitar just posted a review of the Epiphone Les Paul® SL™. Here is some of what Joe had to say:

"The quality control on the SL is remarkably good for a guitar with a two-figure price tag. There are no sharp fret ends, and the volume and tone knobs have a smooth, noise-free--if somewhat limited--taper throughout their ranges."

"Playability was great all over the range of the SL's bolt-on, 24 3/4"-scale "slim taper" mahogany neck. There was no buzzing or choking-out on bends, big-grip chords were comfortable to hold for extended periods, and the guitar didn't fight back when I played faster licks."

"The bridge pickup is bright, twangy, and very present, and worked wonders on country-fried double-stop riffs. The neck pickup is bright, too, though it's rounder and less toothy than the bridge pickup. What's nice is the clarity you hear when playing full chords, and that translates to surprising versatility that enables crossover from styles as divergent as Brit Pop and neo-soul."

"Players often buy budget instruments to use as modding platforms, and the SL is a perfect choice for projects and experiments. The irony here, of course, is the SL is cheaper than many components you might use as upgrades."

"For an instrument that's totally gig-worthy, feels and sounds good, and looks awesome, the SL is a flat-out killer deal. Whether you're looking for a backup stage guitar that you don't have to baby all night long, a guitar that you can permanently leave in a different tuning, or a great modding platform, the SL is a solid performer and an amazing bargain. Even if you don't actually need another guitar, for $99 it's pretty hard to resist."

You can read the entire review here, and be sure to watch Premier's John Bohlinger in his follow-up SL video below.