All of us at Epiphone were deeply saddened to hear the news that Buzzcocks songwriter, singer, and co-founder Pete Shelley had died at age 63 of a heart attack. Shelley was a lifelong Epiphone fan and we're sure he would have gladly taken up the Epiphone Les Paul SL as his prime on- stage guitar had he had a chance to try one.

The Buzzcocks' first major gig in the UK was in 1976 opening for the Sex Pistols and though Johnny Rotten and crew were the sensation of their age, it was The Buzzcocks who best delivered the spirit of rock ’n’ roll in the punk age, giving fans an appropriately heady mix of sex, insouciance, and biting reality to a generation of British kids who were witnessing a systematic dismantling of their society as parents and teenagers alike found themselves on the dole.

Tributes to Shelley quickly sprouted all over the web from every generation of British rock from the Sex Pistols’ Glen Matlock (“[he was] a superb songwriter, artist and a totally sweet hearted guy who was one of the very few originals of punk and even a one off within that”) to Billy Joe Armstrong. “The Buzzcocks pretty much invented a style that would influence multiple generations of lonesome hearts and weirdos."

But don't take our word for it. Discover a piece of rock and roll for yourself. You can’t go wrong with the singles collection Singles Going Steady but go deep and discover more of the man and his music and fall in love with rock and roll all over again. Ever fallen in love? Yes we have, as a matter of fact. Long live Pete Shelley!