Epiphone will be in Austin this week for the annual SXSW music festival with spotlight showcases on longtime favorites Emily Wolfe and the Waco Brothers along with rising Americana stars Aaron Lee Tasjan and Black Pistol Fire. Though the festival gets harder to navigate with each year—especially now that’s it’s veered far off course and become platform for major label acts in need of a credibility boost—it’s still the kind of event where you might discover the next great rock ’n’ roll band playing outside a taco stand. And best of all, they might even be from a country you’ve never visited or “Smalltown, USA”. 

Even if you can’t afford a ticket, you can still manage to keep your schedule full by visiting all the free parties on South Congress Avenue. SXSW is still home to the wheezing, coughing, battered heart of pop music and Epiphone will be there—sober of course—to provide a full report. Stay tuned. In the meantime, read our interviews with Kevin McKeown of Black Pistol Fire and Aaron Lee Tasjan. And of course, head on over to an Authorized Epiphone Dealer near you to check out their favorite guitars—the Casino, the Sheraton II PRO, and the Masterbilt Century De Luxe.