Rock ’n’ roll saviors the Raconteurs are back with their first new music in a decade featuring Epi fan Brendan Benson and living legend Jack White. The band released a limited edition 7” single featuring “Now That Your Gone” with Brendan on vocals and “Sunday Driver” with Jack on lead vocals and we suspect that there is more to come. No tour dates have been announced yet but after White’s fantastic world tour in 2018, it wouldn’t surprise us if the Raconteurs finally get back in front of fans one way or another.  Check out the new single (with Mr. White on what appears to be a Flying V with a Bigsby) and visit our classic interview with Brendan about his vintage Casino. 

"It's my favorite guitar and I think I got it at Blackmarket music in San Francisco," Benson told Epiphone. "It's a '65, all original. I was making my first record with Ethan Johns engineering and I think he had one and brought one to the studio. And I fell in love with his so I found that one. And mine's actually a lot cooler than his (laughs). I've played my Casino forever. That was my main guitar.

Now, I'm really glad to have a new one so I can retire my vintage Casino. And the re-issue sounds great and plays great and I just love it. My vintage Casino always finds a way onto my records.I think sometimes today instruments have become more like very stylized versions of that instrument. Like drums for instance. What we now hear in a snare drum or identify doesn't actually sound like the source. So when I choose an instrument for a part, I choose it for the way it sounds. I might say: "I think this song could use a very small, box-y sounding acoustic guitar. So let's get that and mic it up properly and get that."