Congrats to Epiphone Signature artist Matt Heafy and all of our friends at Rocksmith® who added a Trivium song pack to Rocksmith Remastered this week featuring the Trivium classics "In Waves," "Strife," and "Built to Fall." Check out the Rocksmith website for details and read our incredible interview with Matt Heafy about his new Ltd. Ed. "SnØfall" 6-string and 7-string Les Paul Customs.

"I remember mentioning them to (Epiphone President) Jim Rosenberg that maybe we could do these guitars in a different paint job," Heafy told Epiphone.  "About three months ago, Jim surprised me and said 'Hey I just sent some guitars to your house.' And the next thing I knew, there was this new MKH color --I was totally blown away by it.

We have to do this! So we kept it a secret but at the same time we also recorded the new record with them. I used no other guitars during the sessions--strictly Epiphone MKH models. Then we brought the white guitars on tour so we kind of let the guitar out of the bag really early. I just couldn't wait. When I brought out the white guitars, the kids seemed really stoked at those so that was cool."
Trivium kicks off their world tour in support of their new album, The Sin and the Sentence, on March 10 in the Netherlands. Visit their website for details. Rocksmith is still the fastest way to learn guitar and together, Epiphone and Rocksmith have been teaching millions to play guitar and bass. Check out our feature and also discosver the Epiphone PRO-1™ Les Paul Jr. and Explorer Performance Packs equipped with Rocksmith and featuring everything you need to start playing right away including a Real Tone Cable, Built-In Shadow® E-Tuner, and MityPRO™ Mini-Amp.