Don't miss The Beatles animated classic Yellow Submarine back in theaters this summer to celebrate its 50th anniversary with showings in Chicago, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Memphis, and many more cities to come. Visit the official website for the full schedule and check out the promo film for "Hey Bulldog" (made during the recording session at Abbey Road in 1968) which was included on the soundtrack LP but originally left off of the U.S. theatrical release.

Epiphone Casino fans should also check out our new feature on the making Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band which was released 51 years ago this month in 1967 as well as our interview with Beatles instrument expert Andy Babiuk, whose updated edition of Beatles Gear offers an exhaustive and fascinating look The Beatles' casual but serious attitude toward their instruments.

"When it came time to recording or going out on the road or performing on television, they took out their new guitars. It was probably as simple as that," Babiuk told Epiphone. "The Casinos were lightweight, they sounded nice, so they took them on the '66 tour. It was that simple, much to the chagrin of other companies. Don Randall was Leo Fender's partner back in the day. they sent a rep to New York when The Beatles were playing their summer tour of the U.S. in 1964. The rep was going to meet Brian and The Beatles and say here are all these products and we're willing to pay you "x" amount of dollars if you will play our brand. Well this cat was so nervous that he went down to the bar and had a couple drinks and got so liquored up that he never met with them."