Don’t miss the Raconteurs new album, Help Us Stranger, out this week on Third Man Records. Be sure to also catch our classic interview with guitarist and songwriter extraordinaire Brendan Benson about his lifelong love of the Epiphone Casino and why he opened his own recording studio in Nashville and took on the role of being a producer. 

"Ultimately, the idea of having my own place would mean I could work whenever I wanted and it would be sort of more fun on my terms and all that," Benson told "I don't have much experience being produced myself since I've usually done it myself. Although, I've always had help. I think I've just picked up the language along the way and I think I can be pretty articulate in that situation than I am in an interview like this (laughs). It's a lot easier for me to convey ideas musically. And I think so far people are responsive. No one has said: "Wow that guy is out of his tree."