Don't miss longtime Epiphone Signature artist Jeff Waters and his band Annihilator on their epic Tour for the Demented trek across Europe this fall. The quartet will kick off the three month tour in Newcastle on October 12 with visits to Denmark, France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Russia.  

Check out Mr. Waters' equally epic Signature Epiphone, the Jeff Waters "Annihilation-II™" Flying V Outfit, in a custom Annihilation Red gloss color finish designed by Jeff and powered by critically acclaimed Epiphone ProBucker™ humbucker pickups. Jeff's Flying V also includes a custom Phenolic fingerboard, a KillPot™ switch, Grover™ Rotomatic machine heads with a pro-accurate tuning 18:1 ratio, and a custom-fitted gig bag.ker pickups.

"I'm 51. I started in late '84. First record was out in '89, Waters told "For some reason, I'm still able to do this and have fun and have people want to hear and see what we're doing. And the last three years have been ridiculously awesome. So I'm on the biggest high. I'm enjoying every minute of it...You know how it is.  

You have maybe a couple of really good years where everything from personal relationships or your finances or your band or something are on a roll and you're flying high and enjoying it and you think you got the best life ever. Then it seems to be inevitable--it happens to most of us I'm sure--big crash! It's like a roller coaster, playing in a band I think. But we're on that thing where we're going up and up lately so I'm enjoying every single minute of it. My 22-year-old son said when he was about eight: 'Dad, you're not acting like a teenager, you're acting like a three-year old!'