Congrats to longtime Epiphone fan Billy Bragg who will soon continue his One Step Forward Two Steps Back tour of the UK and Ireland, United States, and Australia and New Zealand. Bragg's tour will carry him into 2020. In each city, Bragg will perform three shows featuring classics from his first three albums as well as new music. 

 “After more than three decades of traveling around the world in a van, or spending all day flying vast distances to play a gig, I’m looking forward to having some time to explore cities that I usually only get to see between the sound check and the show," Bragg wrote on his website. "And this three night stand format is a way of keeping things interesting, both for me and the audience. I tried it out in Auckland recently and had a lot of fun revisiting my back pages."

Don’t miss our classic interview with Mr. Bragg as well as his exclusive performance of "New England" for our cameras during AmericanaFest in Nashville playing his equally masterful Masterbilt Century Olympic. Visit Bragg's website for the latest tour info

"It was a real great addition to the Shine A Light tour (with Joe Henry)," Bragg said of his Olympic. "I was initially only going to use my J-45 acoustic for the whole show, including my solo spot, which would have limited me to my more ballady songs. The compact size of the Olympic gives it a little more bite and the neck seems faster. I just felt like I was wielding something with more kinetic power than an ordinary acoustic, which really helped on the BB songs."