Don’t miss the new album Got What You Need by longtime Epi fans Bad Influence which features Michael Tash's classic Casino on the cover. The band recently celebrated their 30th anniversary as well as a whopping 25 years with the same lineup (which not even the Rolling Stones have accomplished).  The album jumped to #13 on the Roots Music Report in its first week of release and is getting rave reviews.

"One of the joys of the Blues for me is to walk into a bar and there is a band on stage whom I have never heard of,” wrote Sirius XM blues dj Bill Wax in the album liner notes. “The four of them operating as one, playing some covers with a few originals mixed in. Just churning out real good music for those of us lucky enough to be there that night. Well that is what Bad Influence has created with "Got What You Need," their latest disc".

Visit the website for an updated tour schedule, check out our feature interview with guitarist Michael Tash, and don’t miss Bad Influence live along the east coast this summer.