Be sure to tune in to Epiphone’s Facebook page for a special Q&A with Epiphone Signature artist Brendon Small. Small has designed two of our favorite signature models, the Ltd. Ed. Brendon Small “Snow Falcon” Outfit and the now-classic Ltd. Ed. Thunderhorse Explorer, both featuring Gibson® Burstbuckers™with coil-splitting.  
Small was also the co-creator and comedic (and musical) imagination behind Dethklok, the virtual metal band featured in Metalocalypse, the hit animated program produced by Adult Swim. In 2015, Metalocalypse ended its run despite a spirited campaign to bring it back for one final epic season. Dethklok lead guitarist Skwisgaar Skwigelf maybe gone but Brendon Small 'the man' lives and he remains a lethal musical force to be reckoned with.
Read our classic interview and all about Brendon Small's Epiphone Ltd. Ed. “Snow Falcon” Outfit and don’t miss our special new interview archived on Epiphone’s Facebook channel.  And look for more great news from Epiphone and Mr. Small soon!
"I love it," said Small about his Ltd. Ed. Snow Falcon. "I used it on this new record. I love this guitar --it sounds great, very unique. And I've been sitting with my prototype and I play it out all the time. Again, just to prove that it is equal to any other guitar I would use in my arsenal! And I have some really good guitars in my arsenal. But this Snow Falcon sits next to all those and holds its own with all the glory and power you would expect. There's a very nice baroque-style song on the new album where I get to go into my full Brian May mode and squeeze out some really cool sounds between the guitar --using the natural sounds, cool Wah Wah pedal sounds, and contrapuntal things where I basically make the Snow Falcon sound like something between a clarinet and a really cool powerful distorted guitar. It's a huge passage in the song that's all about the Snow Falcon and hearing what it sounds like."