All of us at Epiphone want to give a big shout-out of appreciation to the “band” Gillian Welch for their performance at the Oscars featuring Ms. Welch and David Rawlings on his ancient 1935 Epiphone Masterbilt Olympic. An Oscar slot demands showmanship, color, and excitement. And the Gillian Welch band (as they like to call it) put on an incredible performance before millions as they played without a net (or ear monitors) and left the entire audience bedazzled. The super-unplugged harmony of David and Gillian was just the tonic (gin provided backstage) that the Oscars needed.  If you want to know why Nashville still matters, look no further than the duo’s performance of a “When A Cowboy Trades His Spurs for Wings.” 

Read our exclusive interview with Mr. Rawlings and visit his website for tour info.  And if you want to be like Dave, see your your nearest Authorized Epiphone Dealer and bring home the Masterbilt Collection of the De Luxe, Zenith, and Olympic back to your corral soon. 

"I thought it would potentially be more versatile--that you could get away with dreadnought licks on a smaller instrument," recalled Rawlings on why he chose the Olympic. "The flattop--to me--always has that particular tonal characteristic that doesn't have that midrange-forward thing. Even small bodied flattops have a more pronounced bass...The first day in the studio we were playing through all the guitars and that was the last one that we tried. And then we just started tracking and I never played anything else. Even to this day, if I'm playing acoustic guitar on one of our records, it's that instrument."