Thanks to the fabulous Emily Wolfe for dropping by Epiphone headquarters in Nashville to talk to our R&D department, check out our showroom, and try out some of archtops. Emily has just released her self-titled debut LP and its already gathering a heavy buzz among fans across the U.S. who have been rooting for years for the Austin native to hit the big time. 

“I decided to start working with producer Ben Tanner who is also the keyboardist for Alabama Shakes, which is so cool because I’m such a fan of them,” Wolfe told “I went out to Muscle Shoals and recorded with him and he also flew into Austin and we finished the record here.  I’m so glad to finally be getting it out. I’ve been waiting awhile.”

Wolfe is a big fan of the Epiphone Sheraton II PRO (Any time I try to pick up another guitar I think: This isn’t right! It’s not a Sheraton”) but also enjoyed checking out the Epiphone Inspired by 1966 Century the Ltd. Ed. John Lee Hooker 100th Anniversary Zephyr Outfit. “It was great to stop by Epiphone and talk shop. We have some very exciting news coming soon.”  Read our new interview, visit her official website, and don’t miss Emily on the road this summer in support of her self-titled debut album. Stay tuned for more good news from Epiphone and Emily soon.