If you’re in Austin, Texas this week for the SXSW Music and Film Conference, don’t miss your chance to see Epi superstar-in-the-making Emily Wolfe as she debuts her new album around various clubs, backyards bbq parties, and record stores. Wolfe performed many of the new songs in January during NAMM 2019 on the Epiphone & Gibson Brands stage and rocked the entire conference into a frenzy.  

This week during the SXSW festival, you can catch Wolfe at Aviator Nation on South Congress Street on Saturday, March 16 and if you stick around town, you can see also Wolfe live-in-store at world famous Waterloo Records on March 21. In April, Wolfe will go on the road for a short run around Texas with Cleopatrick with more dates to be announced soon. Visit your Authorized Epiphone Dealer to check out Wolfe’s favorite archtop the Sheraton II PRO, visit Wolfe’s website for a full tour schedule, and read our exclusive interview about how Wolfe turned the tables on the record industry. 

 "It is a rollercoaster every single day," Wolfe told Epiphone.com. "I feel like I get thrown a curve ball at least once a week by the music industry. The only thing that I can do –I’ve figured out—is to just keep going. There are a lot of things that I’ve caught onto in the music industry that I can look out for now. One of the biggest challenges has been just getting this record out… My plan now is to go out on my own…Because the only consistent thing in the industry has been the fans and people who have been waiting on this record. I’ve had this wall in my way: 'You need to wait for the bigger opportunity.' But I think that’s taught me that ‘perfect’ has gotten in the way of ‘good’ for me. And so, I’m just going to put that aside and put this record out on my own and get on the road and that’s all I can do."