Thanks to Joshua Crumbly for the terrific photo taken at the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco playing his Epiphone Jack Casady Bass on stage with Leon Bridges.
Joshua is on tour with Mr. Bridges--who is also a long time Sheraton II PRO fan--throughout the fall in support of his latest album, Good Thing. This weekend, Bridges will perform at the Afropunk festival in New York with additional festival appearances at the CityFolk Festival in Ottawa, Canada September 11-15, the Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival in Franklin, Tennessee on September 21, the Bourbon & Beyond Festival in Louisville on September 22, the Miami Beach Pop Festival November 8-10, and the Intersect Festival in Las Vegas December 6-7 with another Epi Jack Casady fan—Dave Grohl and his Foo Fighters. 
Visit Leon Bridges’ website for full tour info and check out Joshua Crumbly’s website. Also, don't forget to read our exclusive Epiphone interview about how Joshua discovered the Jack Casady Bass.  Don't know Jack? Check out our interview with the legend who co-founded Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna. 

"My Epi basses are treating me just fine!" Casady told Epiphone in 2017. "I just can't believe it's been 20 years now since my lovely late wife Diana and I worked on these basses, getting the tone right on it, and that it's still out there...None of this would have happened without Epiphone. It's a testament to how unique Epiphone is in the industry. And Jim seems to like to work in the vintage area of instruments that have come and gone because of fashion. Epiphone brings them back so the new young players will come along and hear these instruments and understand what a good instrument is supposed to sound like. That's why I love Epiphone."