Don’t miss the Miami Beach Pop Festival this fall taking place November 8-10 featuring longtime Epi artists Leon Bridges, the Raconteurs with Brendan Benson, Margo Price, and The Roots with Epi Crestwood connoisseur “Captain” Kirk Douglas
Check out our classic interviews with Brendan, Kirk, and Leon Bridges bassist Joshua Crumbly as well as Margo Price’s exclusive performance of “It Ain’t Drunk Driving If You’re Riding A Horse” on her Masterbilt Century Deluxe at Urban Cowboy in Nashville.
“My guitar player Jamie Davis played it on our NPR Tiny Desk session,” Price told Epiphone. “It has such a great tone. It's just amazing. When I pick it up it inspires me to write more then when I'm playing on my J-45. It has a really warm rich sound. I find myself picking on it more than strumming.”
Price, who welcomed new daughter Ramona Lynn Ivey in June and is taking a short hiatus from the road, has been touring constantly over the past year as she moves beyond the confines of the Americana genre. “Americana is such a funny word. I remember the first time I started hearing it and when I looked it up it means 'of America' which is cool. I feel like so many people slap it on anything that doesn't have a genre. That being said, it is nice to have a place where my music is accepted. Whereas I often hear about my music: 'well that's too country' for country. I had a radio programmer say that to me. But what I think of as "country" is not country now. These days I think people are trying to be more rooted. I think there has been a wave of less pop and more substance. That word "Americana" is a tricky word. But I don't mind because the other alternative is less descriptive of what I do. Definitely that last record I would just call it a country record but other people don't know what to think about it (laughs).”