Don’t miss the new Rig Rundown from our friends at Premier Guitar featuring PGs John Bohlinger and Gary Clark Jr.'s longtime tech Dave Holman as they go through Gary’s favorite guitars, pedals, and amps.  “When Gary got his record deal,” recalled Holman, “he said this is the guitar that I’m going to be known for from now on. If people like the way I sound I want people to be able to afford one.”
Holman said though Gary's Casino was purchased in 2007, it has held up well over the last 15 years. “I use a tiny bit of 3-in 1-oil on the Bigsby. Gary will use it but very rarely. We use 11-49 Chrome D’Addario strings. I don’t use the Chrome 'G'—I use a plain—because that’s where he takes all his solos so I don’t use a wrapped string.”
Watch the Rig Rundown below and be sure to check out Gary Clark Jr’s epic Ltd. Ed. Blak & Blu Casino as well as our classic interview.