Don’t miss George Thorogood’s interview in the upcoming October issue of Guitar Player where Thorogood talks extensively about his tuning, pedals, inspirations, and of course his new Epiphone White Fang Signature model.  “Ever since they turned me on to this instrument I can’t put it down,” Thorogood told Art Thompson of GP. “And I think that’s the way it should be with a musical instrument. It’s like having really good food on your table that you can’t stop eating."
The new George Thorogood “White Fang” ES-125TDC Outfit pays tribute to Thorogood’s rare original ES-125 from the late 50s and was designed with Epiphone’s luthiers in Nashville. The vintage-inspired ES-125 hollowbody is a true archtop with a Bone White finish with removable “Cobra” sticker, two P-90 PRO™ single-coil pickups, a hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity, a custom hard case with “Snake-Skin” handle, and Wilkinson™ Deluxe Tuners.
“My Epiphone is built for the sound in my head,” Thorogood told Epiphone. “This gives me the response that I need. I couldn’t walk into a room and explain it to a stranger. The original ES-125—and my new ES-125--is more like a semi acoustic instrument. That’s why a lot of cats who are blues cats like ‘em since they all started on acoustic, as I did. So, there’s an archtop to it, the strings are elevated off the body. When I started, I was having to find something that was right in between. Something that had the sound of an electric but the physics of an acoustic. I had to have that match up. Time went on, and you know how it is, sometimes that horse has run its last lap. I thought I’d have to quit without that sound. So, they brought these studs in (laughs).  And I’ve been more than happy. And now I can’t wait to get to the gig.”

The White Fang ES-125TDC Outfit is available for a limited time only. See your Authorized Epiphone Dealer for details. And don’t miss our new extended video feature with Mr. Thorgoood as he takes his new White Fang through its paces in the Epiphone showroom.