Congrats to longtime Epi fans Hot Tuna featuring Signature Artist Jack Casady and Jorma Kaukonen on celebrating 50 years together. Jorma and Jack will take their electric band Hot Tuna Electric with support from Bob Dylan guitarist Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams to Town Hall in New York for a two-night stand November 29-30. After Town Hall, Hot Tuna Electric will head out on the road for most of December with dates in New York, Connecticut, Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul. 

Visit the website for full details and read our interview with Mr. Casady on the 20th anniversary of his signature Jack Casady bass, which has seen roadwork with Paul McCartney, Jack White, Stone Roses, and Dave Grohl among many. 

"My job --and what I want my legacy to be-- is to make something with universal appeal," Casady told Epiphone. "I wanted to get the instrument to where a jazz player or a pop player or a folk player or a rock player could find that instrument and work inside the instrument with their own technique. It's my feeling that having that single pickup in the sweet spot allows you to then move your hands dynamically over the length of the string

None of this would have happened without Epiphone. Twenty years later, I really didn't expect that this would still be in the line. It's a testament to how unique Epiphone is in the industry. Epiphone brings them back so the new young players will come along and hear these instruments and understand what a good instrument is supposed to sound like. That's why I love Epiphone."