Don’t miss Epi fans Archer Nation on Annihilator’s Tour for the Demented happening now throughout the UK and Europe with Annihilator's fearless leader Signature Artist Jeff Waters. The tour will visit London, Paris, Madrid, Valencia, Bologna, and Tel Aviv.
“We’ve been really excited about the trip,” said Archer Nation lead guitarist Dylan Rose. “We went out with them in 2015 so we could not be more excited.  I’ve brought my longtime number one guitar which is an Epiphone 2003 Elitist Les Paul I got for my 18thbirthday. I’ve changed pickups—I’ve done all sorts of things. But it’s just a guitar I love to play. I’ve also been playing a Matt Heafy as well to which I've added a Fred Rose tremolo.”  

Europe and the UK remains the nerve center of hard rock and heavy metal fans and Archer Nation’s career has been on a steady rise thanks to the trio's constant touring and support from their label EMP, founded by David Ellefson of Megadeth. “At least with the genre that we’re in—old school hard rock, thrash metal sort of stuff—any kind of style like that is received with so much enthusiasm overseas much more than anything that we’ve experienced in the States," said Rose. 

"I don’t know exactly what to attribute that to. There are a lot of factors. But for instance, you look at the dates we’re playing with Annihilator—I think we’ve got 40 shows—and 12 of them are in Germany. Every single fan and every city is so supportive. The shows are sold out. It’s a completely different sort of scene overe here and that’s why we’re so excited. And Jeff Waters is a really cool dude.”

Visit the band’s website for the full tour schedule and check out the latest album, Beneath the Dream. And don't miss our classic interview with Mr. Waters and the story behind the Annihilator II.