Congrats to our mega-talented Epi and Kramer artist Tyler Morris who took his Casino along for his tour with Jimmy Vivino. Thanks to Dan Busler for the cool pic. Don’t miss Morris' latest album Next in Line, read our recent interview, and be sure to check out one of his clinics if Tyler comes to a guitar store near you. 

“I try to show kids to not be afraid of mistakes. That’s the first barrier that I found myself early on,” Morris told “When I’m watching these kids, sometimes they’ll just stop if they make a mistake. So I like to show them that it’s ok: Hey keep going. No one noticed. The song might sound better…The other thing is that I emphasize rhythm a lot in these clinics. I tell them if they’re trying to learn a solo or a song that’s complicated, put the instrument aside and really get the melody in your head.  Then, you can put the notes to it and it’s already a little ear worm. Those are a few of the things I like to show people and I like to do that with my own music, too."

Check out the young maestro shredding-out for our friends at Vintage Guitar with his Epiphone Ltd. Ed. Björn Gelotte "Jotun" Les Paul Custom Outfit.