Don’t miss the fantastic Tyler Morris--seen here at Blues Radio International with some of his Epi's--in concert February 16 at the Regent Theater in Arlington, MA for Tyler Morris’ Eruption: A Van Halen Experience Tour which will feature Morris recreating the landmark LP Van Halen 1 with the same sound and stage equipment. 

And for extra authenticity, Morris recently took hold of a couple new “84s” from our friends at Kramer to compliment his new Ltd. Ed. Björn Gelotte "Jotun" Les Paul Custom Outfit. “We’re playing the whole Van Halen 1 album and other selected tunes,” Morris told Epiphone. “I think during the second set, we might try to do Van Halen 2 as well. That’s at a 400-seat theater. I got one of Eddie’s Marshall touring cabinets for that show so we’re gonna try to do it justice. Like I said earlier, we’re going to try to do it as these guys would have done in live in ‘78.”

Read our new interview with Mr. Morris and check in on his website often for tour dates and recording news. Look for a new album later this spring.