The Forecastle Music, Arts, and Activism Festival will take place in Louisville, Kentucky July 13-15 and will feature an incredible lineup of Americana and Rock acts including Epi fans Margo Price, Jenny Lewis, and Ron Gallo. Visit the website for details and check out our interview with Margo recorded in Memphis during the making of her new album, All American Made, as well as an exclusive performance of "It Ain't Drunk Driving If You're Riding A Horse" featuring her new Masterbilt Century De Luxe.

"Americana is such a funny word," Price told Epiphone while recording at Sam Phillips Studios in Memphis. "I remember the first time I started hearing it and when I looked it up it means "of America" which is cool. I feel like so many people slap it on anything that doesn't have a genre. That being said, it is nice to have a place where my music is accepted. Where as I often hear about my music: "well that's too country" for country. I had a radio programmer say that to me. But what I think of as "country" is not country now. These days I think people are trying to be more rooted. I think there has been a wave of less pop and more substance. That word "Americana" is a tricky word. But I don't mind because the other alternative is less descriptive of what I do. Definitely that last record I would just call it a country record but other people don't know what to think about it (laughs)."