Hubert Sumlin - Epiphone Casino

Last Friday at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, Gary Clark, Jr., Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, and many others honored Howlin' Wolf guitarist Hubert Sumlin who passed away last year. "Warm, humorous and always encouraging, (Hubert Sumlin) was a gentleman of the first order," said Richards. Mick and Keith picked up the expenses for Hubert's funeral service. 

Proceeds from Friday's concert will go to the Jazz Foundation to help blues and jazz musicians in need and continue Sumlin's musical legacy. Hubert wasn't particular about his guitars and could summon his cutting sound on anything he put his hands on. Though there are a few who can get Hubert's tone (Gary Clark, Jr. sounds so much like Hubert at the 3:57 mark on this video of Keith singing Wolf's "Goin' Down Slow" that Clapton stops playing and just listens), there was only one Hubert.  If you're not familiar with Hubert or The Wolf, do yourself and your music a favor and check him out.