Slash told Total Guitar in a new interview that his next album will be live and "raw."

"We're just going for the one take that sounds good, so my solos are more raw, probably sloppier in a way, because they're very spontaneous to the point where it's in the heat of the moment," said Slash. "Everything is being played live with the music tracks: the solos, everything. We're trying not to overdub extra bits. So if there's a solo, I'm playing on one side, Myles [Kennedy]'s rhythm track is on the other."  Look for the new album in April. Check out the sneak peak video of Slash and friends in the studio below.

Slash and Velvet Revolver will reunite for a one-time concert on January 12 at the House of Blues in honor of the late composer, John O' Brien. Stay tuned.