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PRO-1 Classic 3/4-Size
A Reduced size Classical with Big Tone and PRO-1 Features
Epiphone presents the new PRO-1 Classic 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar, featuring all the PRO-1 innovative features in a smaller, easy-to-hold 3/4 size.

Learning Guitar Just Got Easy

Since its debut in 2014, the PRO-1 series has revolutionized how people learn guitar. The innovative PRO-1 Acoustic Collection was created with the simple idea of designing a guitar that was easy to play but still adhered to Epiphone’s century-long tradition of making guitars with superb build quality, full tone, and beautiful style. The result is a collection of truly “PRO” guitars that are deliver the vibrant sound that Epiphone is known for. The PRO-1 Classic 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar –like all PRO-1 instruments--is the result of exhaustive analysis, numerous technological innovations, and suggestions from a “who’s who” of professional players. And now it’s time to play!


The PRO-1 Classic 3/4 has all of the PRO-1 Collection’s innovative easy-to-play features:
  • Less fatigue - Wrap your hand around the PRO-1 Ultra neck and you’ll immediately feel how comfortable it is. Our new EZ-Profile™ neck is designed so your hand can easily form chords without feeling fatigued.
  • Effortless Fretting - Epiphone JumboPRO™ frets make fretting notes and chords seem effortless. JumboPRO™ frets are taller and wider than smaller frets. So, when you push down a string, it’s easier to make string contact with the fret with less hand fatigue and finger friction.
  • Make friction fiction - String and fingerboard friction not only slows your playing but also can hurt. Our PRO-Ease™ string and fingerboard coating provides sleek, smooth action with reduced string noise.
  • No pain, no gain? - Nonsense—Epiphone believes in “no pain.” Lighter gauge strings are easier to play so every PRO-1 is set-up and equipped with Epiphone Ultra-Light strings.
  • Easy action - With Epiphone’s Dual-Action truss rod, you can adjust the neck in both directions, which not only stabilizes the neck but also makes set-up easier and more precise.
Lifetime Guarantee: As with all Epiphones, the PRO-1 Classic 3/4 Size comes with Epiphone’s Limited Lifetime Guarantee and world famous Gibson 24/7/365 Customer Service. Visit your Authorized Epiphone Dealer today and try out the new PRO-1 Classic 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar.
TopLaminated Cedar; Custom PRO-Prietary™ Bracing
BodySelect Mahogany; Reduced body depth; 3/4 size
NeckMahogany; EZ-Profile™ “D” Shape neck
Truss RodDual-Action
Neck JointGlued-In
FingerboardPRO-Ease™ Lubricant
F’Brd InlayNone
HeadstockSloped Dovewing with historic “Epiphone” metal badge
Frets18; JumboPRO™
NutGraphTech® NuBone™
Nut Width1.89"
Scale Length22.8"
Tuners16:1 ratio Epiphone "Deluxe" Classical
StringsEpiphone Ultra-Light Classical (28-42)
BindingBody Top - 4-Layer; Ivory/Black
Body Back – 1-Layer; Ivory
Fingerboard – 1-Layer; Ivory
SaddleGraphTech® NuBone™
Strap ButtonsYes
IncludesBeginner’s Guide to Guitar booklet by Craig Anderton
eMedia® on-line lessons
ColorsBlueburst, Ebony, Natural, Vintage Sunburst, Wine Red
OptionalAccessoryPRO™ Nylon Kit (#E-ACCPRON)
3/4-size Gigbag (#940-XC3GIG)
WarrantyEpiphone Limited Lifetime
Service1-800-4GIBSON (1-800-444-2766)
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