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The Acoustic Guitar of the Future
Epiphone introduces the FT-350SCE Acoustic/Electric, the world’s first affordable self-tuning acoustic/electric guitar and featuring the fast, easy, and dependable Min-ETune™ system that gets you in tune quickly and accurately at the touch of a button.

For over a century, Epiphone has led the way in designing professional affordable instruments. Artists like The Beatles, Gary Clark Jr, and Zakk Wylde have counted on “House of Stathopoulo” acoustic guitars to set trends and make history. And now with the new FT-350SCE Acoustic/Electric guitar, Epiphone combines decades of superior acoustic design with the revolutionary Min-ETune™ system that will change the way beginners and professionals see and hear their guitar.

Alternative Tunings Made Instant and Easy
For metal, rock, blues and country guitarists who are used to bringing multiple guitars on stage for songs that require open tunings, Min-ETune™ eliminates the hassle of long pauses in between songs or even the need to bring all that extra gear. Your Min-ETune™ comes with 12 popular preset alternate tunings. And in addition, you can also program up to six additional tunings yourself. You can even adjust your guitar’s tunings to match other instruments such as a piano.

The Min-ETune™ system is nothing short of revolutionary. With the addition of the new Tronical SpeedNut™ that solves the age-old problem of string slippage and intonation, now there’s nothing between you, your instrument, and the audience. And what better way to introduce the new Min-ETune™ system than an acoustic guitar designed and built by the “House of Stathopoulo,” a leader in designing the modern acoustic guitar. Meet the FT-350SCE acoustic/electric.

The Epiphone FT-350SCE Acoustic/Electric’s Min-ETune™ comes with 18 preset tunings including 12 factory presets and 6 user programmable presets. The factory presets alone cover all the classic blues, rock, country, and metal tunings including Standard E, DADGAD, LOW D, DROP D, Eb, DOUBLE DROP D, OPEN E, OPEN A, OPEN D, OPEN G, DOBRO, and ALL 4th tuning. Save time and money in the studio, keep the flow going on-stage, and enhance your creativity with new tunings. Alternate tunings are hard to master, especially for new players, but Min-ETune™ gets you in and out of 12 custom tunings in seconds. You can even tune to instruments like piano that might be slightly off of standard pitch. You take care of the playing—we’ll handle the tuning.

Just push a button, strum, and your perfectly tuned FT-350SCE is ready to rock, write, or record. Min-ETune™ tunes all six strings simultaneously in seconds. Spend time playing--not tuning. (Your audience will thank you, too.) There are other automatic tuning systems that work by digitally synthesizing the sound of a tuned string. But Min-ETune™ tunes your physical strings—no tricks and no digital processing. You’ll never hear one pitch coming out of your speakers and a different pitch coming out of your guitar. With Min-ETune™, what you play is what you hear.

As with all Epiphones, the FT-350SCE Acoustic/Electric comes with Epiphone’s Limited Lifetime Warranty and 365/24/7 Gibson Customer Service. The future has arrived. And the future is in tune! Play a new Epiphone FT-350SCE Acoustic/Electric with Min-ETune™ at your Authorized Epiphone Dealer today. You take care of the playing—we’ll handle the tuning.
BodySelect Mahogany
TopSolid Sitka Spruce
Neck3-piece Hard Maple with Volute
Neck Shape1960s SlimTaper™
Neck JointSet
Scale Length25.5”
Fingerboard“Dot” Inlays
Fingerboard Radius12”
Frets20 medium/jumbo
PreampShadow® ePerformer™ System
Bridge PickupShadow® NanoFlex™ Under Saddle Element
Preamp Controls
Master Volume
Low Battery Indicator
Powered by two #2032 Lithium Ion Cells
Min-ETune™ Automatic Tuner System
Featuring 18 Tuning presets including
12 Factory Presets
1.  Standard
3.  LOW D
4.  DROP D
5.  Eb
7.  OPEN E
8.  OPEN A
9.  OPEN D
10. OPEN G
12. ALL 4th
6 User Programmable Presets
NutTronical SpeedNut™
Nut Width1.693”
Body Top-White/Black (10-layer)
Body Back-White/Black (2-layer)
Fingerboard-White (1-layer)
HeadstockSloped Dovewing, 14 degree angle
Headstock LogoVintage “Epiphone” (Pearloid) and “2014” logo on back of headstock
Truss Rod CoverBullet shape, black and white (2-layer)
Truss Rod LogoEpiphone “E” in white
Machine HeadsMin-ETune™ Machine Heads with vintage style keys 40:1 ratio
SaddleImitation Bone, Compensated
Strap buttonsYes
PickguardImitation Tortoise
Output¼” Epiphone End Pin
IncludesEpiphone User manual, Min-ETune™ Quick Start Guide, 1 Min-ETune™ battery, MineETune™ Battery Charger
ColorsAntique Natural, Ebony, Violin Burst, Wine Red
Typical Weight (+/- 5%)5.9 lbs
StringsD’Addario® 12, 16, 25, 34, 41, 53
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