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Flatiron Festival F-2 Mandolin
Flatiron Festival F-2 Mandolin
The F2 mandolin was first introduced in 1902 and was a major step in the instrument’s modern evolution from an old world bowl back instrument to a sleek modern American-made original. Epi Stathopoulo was fascinated by the new style of mandolins when they were first introduced and realized right away that if his father’s instrument company was going prosper, he and his brothers and loyal luthiers would have to learn everything about how these instruments could get such great tone and high volume and still retain the sweet timbre of an old world instrument.

The Flatiron Festival F-2 Mandolin brings a century of instrument making experience to working musicians with a mandolin that not only looks distinguished but sounds great and gives amateurs and professionals quality tone at a price anyone can afford. Vintage mandolins now suffer from the wear and tear of a century of playing, not to mention unstable glue and faulty hardware. The Flatiron Festival F-2 Mandolin gives you the sound and feel of a classic F-style mandolin without the vintage headache or the price tag.
TopSelect Spruce
BackSolid Figured maple
RimFigured maple
NeckFigured maple
Scale13 7/8”
Nut1 2/16”
TailpieceNickel plated
Machine HeadsNickel with pearloid buttons
ColorVintage Sunburst (VS)
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