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Toby Bass Performance Pack
Toby Bass Performance Pack
Pack includes Toby™ Bass, 15 watt bass amp, eMusic™ lessons, tuner, cords, gigbag and more!

Epiphone’s Toby™ Bass Performance Pack has everything you need to learn what it takes to be the foundation of a great band, including the critically acclaimed Toby™ Standard IV LE Bass which features the classic Tobias™ ergonomic Alder body design along with Tobias™ TBR™ and TBT™ single coil pickups, full pickup blend and tone controls, and a 24-fret hard maple neck with a smooth, satin finish. Combine that with a new Epiphone Electar-15B bass amp - the only bass pack amp to feature a 10” (not 8”) speaker - and you’ve got a combination guaranteed to move some air and rattle some walls.

The Epiphone Toby™ Bass Performance Pack also comes with a cord, strap, picks, a clip-on chromatic tuner, an easy to carry gigbag, and free award winning online bass lessons from eMedia™. The eMedia™ introductory bass lessons offer easy instructional videos that cover rock, blues, folk, country, hard rock, metal and everything in-between.

For over a decade, the Epiphone Toby™ Bass has been bringing innovation to modern bassists in both look and sound. But the Toby™ Bass is not just an instrument for beginners.  Like all Epiphones, the Toby™ Bass will hold its own as you go from student to pro.
  • Ergonomic body design and Tobias™ single coil pickups
  • Powerful 15 Watt Electar amp with 10" speaker
  • Free eMedia™ guitar lessons, Gigbag, tuner, strap, and more!

Toby™ Standard IV LE Bass
Neck:hard maple, bolt-on
Nut width:1.68
Fingerboard:dot inlays
Neck Pickup:Tobias™ TBR single coil
Bridge Pickup:Tobias™ TBT single coil
Controls:-Volume, Blend, High EQ, Low EQ
Output jack:¼"
Bridge:Full mount; full adjustable
Hardware:black chrome
Machine Heads:diecast, 17:1 ratio
Fingerboard:no inlay

Epiphone Electar-15B Amp
Cabinet:closed back
Controls:-Master Volume
-High/Mid/Low EQ
3.5mm Aux In (Stereo)
3.5mm Headphone Out
1/4" Line Out
1/4" Extension Speaker Out
On/Off Rocker Switch
24V power input jack
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