Behind the Scenes: Epiphone Official BLog


We have a new ad coming out in the guitar publications this month which features long-time Epiphone player Duke Robillard with a 50th Anniversary 1961 Casino. The photo was taken a few months ago when Duke dropped by Epiphone Headquarters for an interview. I had him sit down in our showroom and start playing and it turned into one of the more fun photo sessions I have done. I’m a huge Duke fan and to be able to watch him play in a casual setting like this was beyond cool! He totally dug the guitar too... which was evidenced by some great playing. I wish I would have recorded it so you could hear for yourselves but you’ll just have to look at the picture and imagine! BTW... You can barely see it but that’s an actual 1961 Casino sitting on the table in the foreground.
CLICK HERE to read the Duke Robillard interview.