Repair & Restoration

Gibson Repair & Restoration is now accepting all brands of stringed instruments in need of attention at our in-house repair and restoration facility. Offering a state of the art, temperature and humidity controlled environment, as well as a full staff of highly skilled and experienced luthiers, Gibson is fully equipped to perform any and all operations required in all phases of repair and restoration.

  • Pro Set Up – Acoustic or Electric
  • Fret-Work – Fret dress to Plane & Refret
  • Structural Repairs – Body cracks, broken headstocks, Etc.
  • Neck Resets
  • Custom Paint
  • Total Restorations

If you have a repair issue, a simple phone call to Gibson Repair and Restoration can offer honest, clear-cut solutions. We Evaluate each situation on an individual basis, and offer reliable time and cost estimates to give you a benchmark for your instrument's needs. Once received, a more formal evaluation takes place and a detailed quote is prepared. No work is started before all costs are approved by you. When the work is completed, we contact you for payment, and arrangements are made to put the instrument back in your hands. It's that simple. Call or email us today for your repair authorization and shipping information.

Gibson Repair & Restoration
641 Massman Drive
Nashville, TN 37210
1-800-444-2766 EXT.2284

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